The Connection Between Speeding and Fatal Accidents

The Connection Between Speeding and Fatal Accidents

Speed is a pervasive issue in the United States. While every road has clearly marked speed limits, the vast majority of people exceed them by at least a few miles per hour. When dangerous behavior is widespread and accepted by society, it can cause immense amounts of damage—and that’s exactly what speeding has done. The clear link between speeding and fatal car crashes highlights the importance of safe driving and respecting speed limits.

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The Dangers of Speeding

Speeding negatively impacts road safety in a multitude of ways. A speeding driver has less time to react to unexpected obstacles or changes in traffic, meaning that what would have been a near miss instead becomes a devastating accident. Additionally, speeding worsens the severity of accidents. 

Higher speeds generate more force, and the occupants of the involved vehicles absorb that force in a collision. Unfortunately, this leads directly to a greater likelihood of fatal and severe injuries. Furthermore, speeding puts bicyclists and pedestrians at greater risk of death.

When a driver is speeding, their vehicle becomes harder to maneuver. Turns, lane changes, and curves all become more challenging. This makes it far easier for a driver to lose control of their vehicle and crash.

The Role of Speeding in Fatal Accidents

There’s no shortage of research linking speeding to fatal car accidents. The National Safety Council reports that excessive speeding is closely linked to severe and fatal outcomes, and even more alarming, speeding-related deaths have increased consistently since 2019.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has also weighed in on this pressing issue, initiating a “Speeding Wrecks Lives” prevention campaign. They report that speeding fatalities hit a 14-year high in 2021, accounting for nearly one-third of all traffic deaths. Their safety campaign primarily targets drivers aged 18 to 44, the demographic most likely to cause a speeding-related fatal crash.

Efforts to Curb Speeding

This trend is heading in an incredibly dangerous direction, so it should come as no surprise that legislators, public safety agencies, and even private companies have spent a lot of time and money trying to figure out how to stop speeding.

In many areas, enforcement has become a top priority. The reason that so many people speed is that they know they are likely to get away with it. Some areas have ramped up their policing efforts to administer more tickets and hopefully discourage speeding among local drivers.

Traffic management measures also make it harder for people to speed. These measures include speed bumps, roundabouts, and narrow roadways. Drivers navigating areas with these features are essentially forced to slow down if they want to avoid a crash and protect their vehicle. This does have a downside, though—if someone does ignore these features while driving, they are likely to cause an even more serious crash when they speed excessively.

Technology is expected to play a significant role in all speed management efforts moving forward. Traffic cameras, vehicle safety features that limit drivers’ speed, and speed trackers that take a photo when a vehicle is moving above a certain speed can all make it easier to catch and penalize unsafe drivers. Not only do these efforts stop the drivers who are actually cited, they also serve as a deterrent for other drivers who may be in a rush.

Public awareness campaigns also play a big role. By highlighting the lives lost to speeding and the minimal amount of time saved by speeding, safety agencies hope to discourage drivers from making unsafe choices.

Your Options After a Speeding-Related Accident

If you are hit by a speeding driver, it’s crucial that you speak with a car accident lawyer about your legal rights and options. You may be entitled to compensation. If the other driver was given a citation at the scene of the crash, that may strengthen your claim and help you get what you deserve.

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