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Personal Injury Records

The Importance of Keeping Accurate Records in a Personal Injury Case

When you decide to pursue a personal injury case, it’s better to have evidence your attorney doesn’t need than to lack evidence that could strengthen your case. You’ll need to prove every aspect of your claim, from how your injury happened to the ways it’s impacted your life. Keeping accurate records is one way to […]

MMI in Personal Injury Claims

What Does Maximum Medical Improvement Mean in a Personal Injury Claim?

Your journey to recovery is a big part of your personal injury claim. While many injuries follow a predictable pattern, some chart their own course. What appears to be a minor injury may cause complication after complication, while an apparently severe injury may heal with minimal delays. That’s why the term “maximum medical improvement” is […]

Car Accidents During the Holiday

The Heightened Risk of Car Accidents During the Holidays

No matter how early in the year you begin getting ready for the holidays, there never seems to be enough time. Between holiday parties, Christmas gift shopping, school performances, and other obligations, you may feel like you live in your car. Unfortunately, the same is true for many other people in and around West Chester—and […]

Road Rage Car Accidents

The Impact of Road Rage on Car Accidents

When you’re driving, few things are scarier than realizing you’re dealing with a road-raging driver. Maybe you got a little too close when you switched lanes, drove too slowly for their liking, or just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Regardless, there’s never an excuse for road rage. It dramatically […]

School Bus Accidents

Important Tips for Avoiding School Bus Accidents

School buses make it possible for millions of children in the United States to get to school safely and on time. They are especially important in remote and rural areas where parents would otherwise have to drive upwards of 30 minutes just to get to school. While school buses are very safe for their occupants, […]

Pedestrian Deaths

Why Are Pedestrian Deaths Increasing in Pennsylvania?

Pedestrian accidents have followed a troubling trend across the United States in the last few years. More and more pedestrians are suffering serious or fatal injuries while walking for exercise, walking to work, or running errands. The streets should be a safe place for everyone—bikers, motorcyclists, and pedestrians included. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Learn […]