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The Importance of Keeping Accurate Records in a Personal Injury Case

When you decide to pursue a personal injury case, it’s better to have evidence your attorney doesn’t need than to lack evidence that could strengthen your case. You’ll need to prove every aspect of your claim, from how your injury happened to the ways it’s impacted your life. Keeping accurate records is one way to build a strong case and get a fighting chance at recovering your losses.

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The Uphill Battle of Proving Your Claim

When you learn about the breadth of evidence you can use to create your personal injury case, it may seem like overkill. To the victim, personal injury claims often seem straightforward—you’re injured, you can pinpoint where it happened, and you have documentation of your financial losses. What else do you need?

The fact is that getting compensation for a personal injury is an uphill battle. Insurance companies fight tooth and nail to avoid paying full and fair compensation, even if it’s obvious that their client was in the wrong. Basically, they won’t pay what you actually deserve unless you put them in a position where a lawsuit is the inevitable next step. Being proactive about your documentation and record-keeping can help put you in the best possible position for negotiating.

There are many types of records you should keep as you pursue your personal injury claim; we’ll go over some of the most important ones now.

Documentation of the Accident

Any evidence you have of the accident and how it happened can be very useful in your claim. This looks a little different for each type of incident. In a car accident claim, you may want witness statements, photos and video footage of the crash scene, and dashcam footage. In a slip and fall, you might have surveillance footage from the store and a written incident report. For a dog bite case, an official report from the animal control officer and photos of your injuries may help. You need to create a causal link between the incident itself and your subsequent injuries.

Proof of Your Injuries and Their Effects

Records of your injuries and the ways in which they’ve affected you can go a long way in helping you get the compensation you deserve. Both official and unofficial records can be helpful. Official records may include medical bills, medical reports, test results, and treatment plans from your medical providers. Unofficial records may include photos that you take of your injuries as they progress, written notes regarding your pain levels and limitations, and your notes about your treatments and physical therapy appointments.

Think of it this way—it’s easy for the insurance company to wave off your injuries if you say that your back injury has left you with chronic pain. It’s a lot harder for them to ignore you if you have scans from multiple doctors, proof of your attempted and failed treatment plans, and payment receipts for the household tasks you’ve had to outsource because of your injury.

Evidence of Your Financial Losses

Injuries can be extraordinarily expensive. The more proof you have of your financial setbacks, the stronger your claim will be. If you have to take time away from work, document every hour missed and if you had to pay out-of-pocket for any healthcare benefits or other employment benefits. Don’t forget to account for missed overtime or advancement opportunities. Keep copies of your medical bills as they start trickling in, repair estimates if you have damaged property, and receipts for anything you have to replace.

Thorough and accurate record-keeping can mean the difference between a weak personal injury claim that results in a pitiful settlement offer and a solid claim that forces the insurance company to negotiate fairly.

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